****UPDATED JULY 18th 2023*****

OCB Shamrock Cup Classic Transformation                                                                                                          Saturday, March 23rd 2024   


University of New Hampshire – Johnson Theatre 30 Academic Way – Durham, NH 03823.  
Contact-Promoter: Andrew “AJ” DiDonato, E-mail:    


The OCB Shamrock Cup Classic event starts at 10:00am with doors opening to the public at 9am.  Time for when the Transformers to be on stage will be determined upon participation in the division and will be placed accordingly to the show.  More information on this will be emailed to Registered Transformers prior to show day which is Saturday, March 23rd 2024. 


General Admission for Mini-Show is: Adults & Students $25, and children 10 and under, FREE. General Admission for All Day Show is: $35. Trainer Pass (general admission plus backstage access): $45 (only applicable to those helping a Transformer prepare back stage). Group tickets can be arranged by directly emailing the promoter at Tickets, Trainer Pass, Group Rate Tickets are non-refundable.     

Eligibility & Division Offerings

This divisions offered for Transformation are for Men and Women 18 years or older.  All athletes must use and InBody Measuring device which is not associated with the OCB so fees may apply when using a device.  Cost of use is solely the participants responsibility and not the OCB Shamrock Cup Classic or the OCB itself.  To find an InBody measuring device in your state, please use this link to help by typing in your zip code: Make sure to call ahead to schedule your appointment for measurements.  Check-Ins/Polygraph Screenings open up Friday, March 22nd 2024 by appointment at the host hotel, Holiday Inn Portsmouth in Portsmouth, NH. These available times will be more up to date a few weeks closer to the show. The address of the host hotel is 300 Woodbury Ave, Portsmouth, NH 03801.  All competitors are required to be polygraph tested prior to participating since this is a natural event!  The exact area for polygraph testing will be provided at check in. Scheduling appointments will be announced prior to show where competitors can access and will be provided by promoter. The polygraph fee is $60 and is payable in cash only at the time of testing. Exact change would be appreciated and polygrapher might accept other ways for receiving payment.  Like mentioned above, divisions offered for Transformation are for Men and Women 18 years or older. 

Entry Fees & Deadlines

Transformation registration opens NOW and until 1/01/2024.  Data collections starts on 10/30/2023 and lasts until 03/15/2024.  Transformers can collect their measurements information as early as 10/30/2023.  All data and official measurements need to be submitted by Friday, 03/15/2024 to be eligible.  Competitors who drop from this contest will not be refunded.  Cost to participate is $85 per Transformer who will also need to purchase an OCB amateur membership to participate in the OCB Shamrock Cup Classic which is an OCB sanctioned event. Registrations are non-refundable and must be purchased through Venmo or PayPal only.  Please use the Venmo handle @Andrew-DiDonato-113 or the PayPal handle using the Friends and Family method to Memberships can be purchased through this link: Please select “Amateur” when purchasing.

Contest Breakdown & Awards  

Contest will have a bodybuilding feel to it. There will be a Male and Female Division.  There will be two overall winners in each division:  Most Body Fat Lost & Most Lean Muscle Gained for both Male and Female for a total of Four Top Winners.  There will be two parts of the transformation part.  One will be Prejudging where groups, depending on numbers, will be divided by height.  From there, they will do four quarter turns for their mandatory poses.  The Mandatory Four Poses for Males: Front Double Biceps, Side Chest, Back Double Biceps, and Side Chest from other side.  Those poses can be found here:  The Mandatory Four Poses for Females: (Same as what is done in Wellness), front, side, back and side.  Examples of this can be found here:

The next portion of the division with be the Routine sections where they can perform I-walks where there is three minutes to free pose if they like to house music where the EMCEE will talk about the summary of their journey or the TRANSFORMER can discuss their journey during that three minute time.  Transformers can wear something less revealing than what is seen at most bodybuilding shows. Males can wear athletic wear, shorts or men’s classic physique and a tank top.  Women can wear athletic wear, shorts, swimsuit and heels if they want.  Transformers are not allowed to just wear underwear alone on stage.  The choice is up to you in what you are comfortable wearing. 

Top winners in each division will receive a Shamrock medal and a trophy with the from NIELS ANDERSON. Top winners will also be awarded with supplements from provided by one of sponsors, Born Ready Nutrition.  ALSO, TOP WINNERS FROM BOTH DIVISIONS WILL GET FREE ENTRY AS A COMPETITOR TO COMPETE IN THE PHYSIQUE PORTION OF THE OCB SHAMROCK CUP CLASSIC THE FOLLOWING YEAR.   All participants will receive a goodie bag full of Shamrock Swag as well. 

Backstage Policy   

As mentioned above, only one assistant max per competitor is allowed backstage unless it is a coach of a team. The assistant MUST buy a Trainer Pass or Coach Pass, which is good for general admission and back stage access. The cost of the Trainer Pass is $45.  These tickets are non-refundable and must be purchased through Venmo or PayPal only.  Please use the Venmo handle @Andrew-DiDonato-113 or the PayPal handle using the Friends and Family method to  List of all trainers with what athletes will be recorded and bracelet given to said coach. NO BRACELET, NO BACKSTAGE ACCESS.   

Host Hotel  

Holiday Inn Portsmouth is the host hotel for the event.  Make sure to book your room by Wednesday, February 15th 2024 for the discounted rate.  Make sure to mention the OCB Shamrock Cup Classic for the discounted rate of $119 for the night prior to the show which is Friday, March 22nd 2024.  You will also be able to book through our website as well at   

Spray Tanning Services  

Spray tans services will be done by Golden Standard Spray Tans.  You can visit or contact Ryann Healy at or by phone at (617) 982-3946 for rates, details and to schedule an appointment. 

Hair & Make-Up Services  

Hair and Make-Up services will be done by Shaunna Legatos and her team.  You can reach Shaunna at 1-603-508-8151. Spots are limited so schedule soon!   


To register, please email for more information!