Competitor Information


Division Offerings
Bikini: Debut, Novice, Age 45+, 35+, Open
Figure: Debut, Novice, Age 45+, Age 35+, Open
Men’s Physique: Debut, Novice, Age 40+, Open
Men’s Classic Physique: Debut, Novice, Age 40+, Open
Men’s Bodybuilding:  Debut, Novice, Age 50+, Age 40+, Open
Women’s Physique: Debut, Novice, Age 45+, 35+, Open
Women’s Wellness: Debut, Novice, Age 45+, 35+, Open

Novice Eligibility: Cannot have placed first in any class (besides Teen), within any division, within any category, with any organization (with the exception of cases where first place was won in a class that only had one competitor in it). Classes Breakdown: When more than one class in a division, classes are formed by dividing competitors evenly by height.

Entry Fees & Deadlines
Competitor entry fee is $65 before February 20th 2023 and increases to $110. To avoid $35 late fee, register before February 20th 2023. Fee for each additional class, known as a crossover entry, will be $25. Entry fee deadline is March 5th 2023. A crossover entry is entering more than one division within a category. For example, someone may enter the Novice division, if eligible, and also elect to crossover into the Open division and compete in it as well. Competitors may not participate in more than one category (Bikini, Figure, Wellness, Physique, Bodybuilding, and Classic Physique) at any given show. Physique and Bodybuilding are not permitted. Fees are non-refundable. 

Backstage Policy
As mentioned above, only one assistant max per competitor is allowed backstage unless it is a coach of a team. The assistant MUST buy a Trainer Pass or Coach Pass, which is good for general admission and back stage access.

The cost of the Trainer Pass is $45. These tickets are non-refundable. These can be purchased through Venmo or PayPal only. Please use the Venmo handle @Andrew-DiDonato-113 or the PayPal handle using the Friends and Family method to List of all trainers with what athletes will be recorded and bracelet given to said coach. NO BRACELET, NO BACKSTAGE ACCESS.

Guide for New Competitors

The top five winners in each division of novice and open classes will receive medals with the Overall Division winner receiving a TROPHY. Overall winners will also be awarded with surprise prizes.

EligibilitOCB 5_2.cdry
All competitors are required to be current members of OCB to participate in this event. If needing to obtain the annual membership please register before March 17th, 2023. Memberships can be purchased on at

This is a natural (drug-free) competition. All competitors must meet eligibility criteria listed in the OCB drug testing guidelines in order to participate. Prior to registering competitors should review the procedures and list of banned substances posted on

Check-Ins/Polygraph Screenings
Check in opens up Friday, March 17th 2023, by appointment at the host hotel, Courtyard Portsmouth in Portsmouth, NH. These available times will be more up to date a few weeks closer to the show. The address of the host hotel is 1000 Market Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801.

All competitors are required to be polygraph tested prior to competing. The exact room number for polygraph testing will be provided at check in.  Scheduling appointments will be announced prior to show where competitors can access and will be provided by promoter.
The polygraph fee is $60 and is payable in cash only at the time of testing. Exact change would be appreciated.

Polygraph results are valid for other OCB shows for only 3 weeks after the Shamrock Cup Classic. 

House music will be provided for the Bikini, Figure, Men’s Physique divisions.  Men’s & Women’s Bodybuilding, Women’s Physique and Men’s Classic Physique may use their own music or house music. For individual routines, music can be sent to our DJ, Ryan Tolt from Get Down Tonight Entertainment, Inc. His e-mail will be provided as we get closer to the show for registered competitors.

Props are allowed and all routines are limited to one minute in length.

Host Hotel
Courtyard Portsmouth by Marriot is the host hotel for the event. Make sure to book your room by Wednesday, February 15th 2023 for the discounted rate. Make sure to mention the OCB Shamrock Cup Classic for the discounted rate of $119 for the night prior to the show which is Friday, March 17th. You will also be able to book through our website as well at 

Spray TanGoldenStandardSprayTansning Services
Spray tans services will be done by Golden Standard Spray Tans. You can visit or contact Ryann Healy at or by phone at (617) 982-3946 for rates, details and to schedule an appointment.  

Stage Photographer
Pedro Blanco Photography
I am happy to be a part of this show and look forward to meeting all you.  Together, we will provide you with a lot of images from different perspectives.   All this will be included for one flat rate of $100 when you pre-register.  Please contact me directly at  Late registration (day of the event) is $120.

Hair & Make-Up Services
Hair and Make-Up services will be done by Shaunna Legatos and her team. You can reach Shaunna at 1-603-508-8151. Spots are limited so schedule soon!

Make payment by check or money order to Shamrock Cup Classic | 13 Pleasantview Dr. | Exeter, NH 03833